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Vit. D3

Vitamin D3 is used in this product because it is considered the most active form of vitamin D. Its adequate supply contributes to the proper mineralisation of the entire skeletal structure (including teeth) and strengthens the immune system. It also enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food, which is of great consequence for the body. Vitamin D3 helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth, as well as a healthy blood calcium level. The formula of this supplement is transparent and clear, and it offers a robust dose of highly-absorbable cholecalciferol. Who do we especially recommend this product for? Anyone with a frequent deficiency in vitamin D3, especially: in periods of reduced resistance to infection, the autumn-winter period, for elderly people (due to a reduced production of vitamin D3), and for people who do intensive workouts (immunity is the basis of capacity).


90 cap.


per 1 capsule*

Vitamin D

100,00 ?g / 4000 IU

*Daily portion of the product