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Boogieman Powder

Boogieman is a pre-workout preparation with a well thought-out composition. Developing the product we wanted not only to offer maximum stimulation, but also provide all that the body needs to cope even with the most intensive workout. Boogieman contains a complex of elements ensuring the muscle pump effect (arginine, citrulline). The improved blood supply to the muscles is associated with an increased supply of oxygen, nutrients and anticatabolic agents. We know that fatigue during intensive exercise is mostly due to muscle acidosis, understood as a drastic increase of H ions, so we placed beta-alanine in Boogieman. The product contains a unique stimulating complex that combines ingredients supporting energy metabolism during exercise (taurine, caffeine and tyrosine), adaptogens (ginseng, rhodiola rosea) and vitamins (B6, B12, B1), which help the body to cope with the workout, while at the same time supporting oneメs health and post exercise regeneration. BOOGIEMAN is designed for professional athletes. Recommended daily portion is 20 g (10 g IE). Recommended use: Dissolve one serving of the product 20 g (3 scoops) (10 g (1,5 scoops) IE) in 600 ml (300mlIE) of water in a shaker. Drink 30 minutes before working out. Please note: Do not take before bedtime! Do not use with other products containing caffeine or other ingredients with similar effects! Food supplement.


300 g

20 g




Bubble gum

Forest fruit



per 3,3 g*

Citrulline Malate

833,33 mg

of which L-Citrulline

466,67 mg


800,00 mg

L-Arginine Alphaketoglutarate (AAKG)

500,00 mg

of which L-Arginine

325,00 mg


366,67 mg


250,00 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous

50,00 mg

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

33,33 mg

Korean Ginseng Extract [Root] (Panax ginseng) [10% Ginsenosides]

25,00 mg

of which Ginsenosides

2,50 mg



Roseroot Extract [Root] (Rhodiola rosea) [3% Rosavins]

16,67 mg

of which Rosavin

0,50 mg

Niacin (mg NE)

8,33 mg

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

6,67 mg

Vitamin B6

1,67 mg

Vitamin B12

3,00 µg

*Daily portion of the product