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L-Glutamine Powder

Glutamine is an amino acid necessary in all cells, as it is the main amino acid-forming muscle protein. In periods of increased stress (impaired immune function, injuries, intensive exercise, insufficient regeneration, sleep deficits etc.) the demand for glutamine increases drastically, so the endogenous production may not suffice. In these situations, it is advisable to support the diet with L-Glutamine Powder, containing pulverised L-glutamine, necessary for the anticatabolic and anabolic processes involving this amino acid, in the company of vitamin B6, which controls the transformations of amino acids. If your body needs glutamine for an important purpose, it will surely ムborrowメ some from the muscles, where it is present in large quantities, which will lead to muscle catabolism. Who is the product recommended for? It is especially recommended for people who are physically active (anticatabolic function, supporting the branched-chain amino acids, BCAA, function, improvement of glycogen restoration), but also for those who struggle with impaired immune function or conditions involving disturbed intestinal epithelial function (e.g. leaky gut syndrome).


450 g


per 15 g*


15,00 g

Vitamin B6

2,10 mg

*Daily portion of the product