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L-Glutamine Micronized T6

L-Glutamine Micronised T6 contains a finely milled (micronised), highly-absorbable L-glutamine in the company of taurine and vitamin B6, supporting its anticatabolic and anabolic functions. A high glutamine content helps to obtain a positive nitrogen balance in the body, which is a starting point for the processes of regeneration and anabolism. L-glutamine is the bodyメs nitrogen container, which means that it is used by the body for the synthesis of other endogenous amino acids. It is supported in this task by a non-protein amino acid – taurine. The anabolic transamination processes in which glutamine is involved require the presence of the most important vitamin controlling the amino acid and protein transformations: vitamin B6. L-Glutamine Micronised T6 was one of the first supplements available on the market to make equal use of taurine and glutamine in supporting the nitrogen balance. Who is the product recommended for? Athletes specializing in strength, strength-endurance, and strength-speed disciplines.


240 cap.


per 12 capsules*


7680,00 mg


1920,00 mg

Vitamin B6

4,80 mg

*Daily portion of the product