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Collagen Max

Collagen Max has been formulated with collagen, hyaluronic
acid and vitamins, active ingredients at high concentrations
to benefit your bones, ligaments and skin. Collagen Max
means a massive intake of collagen type I (4000 mg daily
intake!) which is the key protein of the connective tissue in
bones, tendons, ligaments, teeth and skin. What’s important,
Collagen Max contains only hydrolysed collagen protein
– which safely passes through the digestive tract and is
known to be easily absorbed. Collagen Max is a patented
Solugel type collagen which blends natural, fast absorbing
animal-sourced (bovine) collagen peptides; Hyaluronic acid
(HA) which is a known water binder and as a component of
synovial fluid acts as a buffer and improves skin elasticity.
Collagen Max formulation is crowned by Vitamin C which
promotes collagen production by the body.
Who is the product recommended for?
Collagen Max will benefit all athletes whose joints are
excessively exposed to overloads. Recommended for beauty
and skincare (improves skin elasticity and firmness). Just
remember, collagen production is believed to decrease with
age and due to excess stress (excessive glucose intake).


180 cap.


per 4 capsules

SOLUGEL® Type I Collagen Hydrolysate

4000,00 mg

Hyaluronic acid

200,00 mg

Vitamin C

160,00 mg