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BCAA G-Force 1150

BCAA G-Force 1150 is a combination of the most important amino acids that are used most intensively during exercise. BCAA and glutamine are inseparable synergies in the field of anticatabolic and anabolic activities. Starting a workout (both aerobic and anaerobic) significantly increases the activity of enzymes involved in BCAA degradation in the muscles, which leads to catabolic processes. In there is an insufficient quantity of glutamine in muscles, due to its intensive release in critical situations – such as exhaustive exercise – the body will use other available amino acids to supplement it. A serving of BCAA G-Force before a workout will protect muscle proteins and support energy metabolism during exercise, while after the workout it will enhance muscle regeneration and initiate anabolic processes. Who is the product recommended for? Athletes, especially those practicing power, power and speed, and endurance disciplines.


360 cap.

180 cap.

90 cap.


per 12 capsules*

Branched Chain Amino Acids

9720 mg

of which L-Leucine

6840 mg

of which L-Valine

1920 mg

of which L-Isoleucine

960 mg


3900 mg

*Daily portion of the product