Which protein supplements to choose?

Basically, protein nutrients are divided into those characterized by rapid absorption time and those with extended or varied absorption time.


our body or even our muscles need fairly fast and regular supply of proteins to keep the balance at a positive level, even more so if we think about supporting building functions. Therefore, the most common choice to make up for shortages in the diet and to maintain protein levels during the day, are WPC protein concentrate (concentrate) and WPI (isolate). Both are characterized by the fast time of absorption and release of amino acids into the muscles, so they will also work great during the training period. They will assimilate and inhibit catabolism relatively quickly, while supporting post-exercise regeneration. The isolate is characterized by a higher price, although it contains more protein in the nutrient from WPC. If we want to support the diet and training plan while reducing body fat, then the best choice is WPI or WPH (hydrolyzate). At the very beginning of the adventures with bodybuilding, training turns out to be a very strong development stimulus due to the fact that it is quite new to the body. Then, a classic concentrate (WPC) may be a solution of the same quality. It is important to be aware of a certain amount of carbohydrates and other ingredients found in the product.

Micellar casein

and other protein supplements based on casein or egg albumin will have an extended absorption and assimilation time. They will work especially when it comes to longer breaks between meals. Another option is to use them overnight to improve muscle regeneration and inhibit nocturnal catabolism, i.e. increased protein degradation when nutrients are not delivered to the body on a regular basis.


Also protein supplements containing mixtures of various protein fractions are a popular choice. Thanks to this, a differentiated time of absorption and release of amino acids into the muscles is obtained. Some of them will be used in line with our needs much faster than the rest, while others will be saved “for later”. Although preferred by people avoiding animal products, supplements based on soy proteins are less frequently selected. It should be remembered that everything depends on the purpose of the training, our needs, diet or expectations.



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