Who needs protein supplements, or the question of the body’s need for protein.

Important: High protein supplements should contain a minimum of 70% protein. They are intended for people with an increased demand for this nutrient, e.g. athletes and those who find it difficult to provide the required amount of protein in the form of traditional food products.

Pay attention to the quality of protein components in the supplement, or the question of a complete protein

Important: Protein supplement should be based only on wholesome sources of protein, which include meat, milk (source of whey and casein proteins), eggs. The highest biological value is attributed to whey proteins.

The first thing

that we should pay attention to when choosing a protein supplement is the actual protein content. Protein supplement should contain at least 70 of it. If it turns out that 100 g of nutrients is more than 25 g of carbohydrates, instead of a protein supplement we are dealing with a balanced protein and carbohydrate nutrient.

Protein supplements

are a tasty diet enrichment, especially the one with increased supply of this  nutrient. Higher protein requirements occur in physically active people. It results from a much faster consumption of body proteins and increased muscle regeneration needs. In people who exercise regularly, the demand for protein may increase by 2 times compared to those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle. In case of bodybuilding sports, it can reach up to 2,5 g of protein for every kg of body weight. For a 90-kg man, this will give about 225 grams of protein a day. It is difficult to provide such quantity in the form of standard protein products such as meat, eggs, cottage cheese. Yes, it is possible, but it is associated with excessive involvement of the digestive system. Then it is more convenient to provide part of the protein total in the form of balanced protein supplements. Protein supplements, due to their fluid form and safe production technologies, are a full-value protein alternative in the diet.

In fact

we can never be sure how much protein our organism will be able to absorb from a meal. Just the lack of any essential amino acid is enough for the absorption not to be full. The process of thermal processing of food, which can sometimes lead to irreversible denaturation of proteins, may also limit protein absorption. In case of protein supplements, we can be sure that we deliver to the body a portion of wholesome protein that has been obtained as a result of safe production technologies (micro, ultrafiltration without using high temperatures).

When choosing a protein nutrient,

decide on the one that is based solely on full-value protein components. The whole protein contains a balanced formula of all exogenous amino acids. The protein of animal origin is regarded as such. In relation to protein supplements, popular, wholesome sources of protein are milk proteins, eggs, beef. Based on, for instance, the amino acid composition, individual types of protein are assigned the appropriate biological value (BV), which indicates the possibility of protein assimilation by the human body. The maximum value of BV, close to 100,  is  attributed to whey protein, which is one of the milk proteins. Egg and casein proteins are also highly rated. Of the vegetable proteins, soy proteins have the highest value. In order to cover part of the daily demand for protein in the form of protein nutrients, it is worth choosing the one based on these whole protein components.

Exploring more in the subject of protein supplements revealed that they can provide the same type of protein in various forms that determine the time of final protein absorption. The time of protein intake will be another parameter of protein nutrient evaluation, which should be taken into account when deciding on a particular protein product.

Specify the time of the day when you want to take a protein supplement, or protein with fast and slow absorption motivation.

Important: In the morning or in the post-workout time, reach for protein nutrients that are easily digested, such as isolate or hydrolyzate of whey proteins (WPI, WPH). Before bedtime, choose proteins that are slower to digest, such as casein or a mixture of various protein fractions with an extended absorption time (WPC, casein, eggs, soy).

Protein supplements

differ in terms of absorption time. Some are digested literally within 15 minutes and after that time final products of their decomposition, amino acids, will appear in the blood. Others show slower kinetics of metabolism and their digestive specificity causes that they provide the supply of amino acids for many hours. And in total, it cannot be said which of these groups of protein supplements is better. The most important issue is the adjustment of the protein nutrient and the time of its absorption, to the current demand for protein.

As protein supplements with fast kinetics of transformation,

 we consider various forms of whey proteins. Among them, the hydrolyzate (WPH) will be absorbed the fastest, followed by isolate (WPI) and then concentrate (WPC). It is worth reaching for such protein supplements when we want a fast supply of protein. The ideal time for such protein supplements is the time just after waking up, due to the high level of metabolic changes or the post-workout time, when the body is focused on muscle regeneration and eating of non-digestible protein strains would only interfere with this tedious renewal process.

Protein nutrients

with a slower rate of change in the body include casein milk, egg white, beef protein, soy. These products will be ideal for consumption, e.g. at bedtime, when we should provide a multi-hour supply of amino acids to the muscles and organs regenerating. Protein supplements with this composition can also replace the protein in any meal during the day, excluding the post-workout period. How many times do we lack formerly prepared food at hand, and rumbling in the stomach reminds us that the time of the meal is approaching. Then- nothing simpler: a portion of protein supplement plus, e.g. oatmeal and we have a quick, nutritious meal that will efficiently supply our body in the building material and energy until the next meal.



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