FIBO 2019

FIBO 2019 was amazing! Watch our FIBO made at the world’s biggest trade show for bodybuilding, fitness, wellness and health.
Check out how we spent FIBO 2019.

What is FIBO?

It is the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health since 1985. You can find there everything you need to know about healthy nutrition, meet lots of celebrities and influencers, get to know the latest trends in the fields of sports nutrition and supplements. Fibo guathers c.a. 940 exhibitors and more than 153,000 visitors. 

FIBO 2019 with Trec Nutrition

This year’s attractions were:

Hope to see you next year! 


Trec Nutrition | Protein Isolate and Whey Protein


Protein isolate is one of the most commonly used forms of a protein supplement, whose task is to fill the diet deficiencies and to maintain the optimal protein balance.

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New video project powered by Trec Nutrition

How many sets & reps? What should I eat? How to prepare my diet? Which supplements buy? Now all the answers can be found in the videos posted on Ask The Trainer TV.

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Which protein supplements to choose?

Basically, protein nutrients are divided into those characterized by rapid absorption time and those with extended or varied absorption time.

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