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HMB Formula

HMB Formula Caps and HMB Liquid is an anticatabolic supplement containing hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) ヨ a product of metabolic transformation of leucine, one of the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). Most studies demonstrate positive effects of HMB on blocking catabolism, stimulation of fat-free mass gain and the enhancement of strength and stamina. HMB reduces catabolism using the best known mechanism: saturation of muscles with amino acids and their metabolites, such as HMB. Moreover, as a product of amino acid transformation, HMB also blocks the supply of glucose to fat tissues, which reduces lipogenesis and increases the availability of glucose for energy production in the muscles. The human body can produce only 0.3 ヨ 1 g of HMB, so to fully benefit from its properties, one should reach for HMB Formula Caps or HMB Liquid. Who are the products recommended for? These products are recommended for people practising endurance sports and following ketogenic diets in which HMB will help in keto adaptation and re-directing the glucose-based energy processes to fat and ketone bodybased metabolism.


240 cap.

120 cap.

100 ml


per 6 capsules*

CaHMB (Calcium ?-Hydroxy ?-Methylbutyrate)

3690 mg

of which HMB

3000 mg

*Daily portion of the product