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Collagen Liquid

Collagen Liquid supplementation is all about collagen
and Vitamin C. The supplement is formulated with easily
absorbed collagen. Collagen is the main component of the
connective tissue, the scaffold found in the bones, muscles,
tendons, ligaments, teeth and skin. Beside collagen
essential for active people whose muscoskeletal system is
regularly exposed to overloads this supplement contains
Vitamin C. Vitamin C triggers collagen synthesis in the body,
the process that needs to be reinforced in the elderly or
after injuries.
Who is the product recommended for?
For all people active in sports, older adults (due to decreased
collagen bioavailability) and post-injuries. This supplement
is recommended for those suffering from collagen deficiencies
leading to various skin and hair conditions,
formation of fine lines and winkles, muscoskeletal pains,
increase in cellulite, poor wound healing.


1000 ml


per 96 ml*

Beef Collagen

3600,00 mg

Vitamin C

320,00 mg

*Daily portion of the product